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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 28, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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budget committee as he unveils a dramatic new spending plan for 2012. that is it for today. have a great week and we'll see you next fox news sunday. ♪ ladies and gentlemenn, governor mike huckabee. [applause] >> hello eeveryone. welcome and welcome to huckabee. tonight we are live from the fox news studios in new york city. geraldine ferraro was a political pioneer. she was the first woman nominated for vice-president when she ran with democrat presidential candidate walter mondale in 1984 and also a guest on our very first
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huckabee show. tonight we'll pay tribute to geraldine ferraro. edrolins will join us to talk about it plause plause also is our president's decision to get us involved in the libya conflict impeachmentable offense. ram paul thinks so . how is it the president done in explaining our goal there. we'll grade him on our report card. you will get to watch tonight. [applause] and he's the star of limitless. the number one movie in the country right now. my exclusive interview with braddley cooper, the great actor, that is also on our show tonight. plause plause and you know, you love them, and they're back, with our very own kelly wright.
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our fox news band, the little rockers. all that and more on tonight's live edition of huckabee. [applause] america is involved in the mission to libya left a lot of people confused. president obama who has a nobel peace prize and okay with having our drop tomahawk missiles over libya and raising a lot of questions about the president's foreign policy or obama doctrine as people call it i will be honest with you, i am not sure i understand the obama doctrine? do you understand the obama doctrine. our audience doesn't derve it either. we are asking two white house advisors on the show. please welcome sarah swift and dr. robert pane. [applause]
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>> mrs. swift the bush doctrine was controversial and simple and clear. take the fight to the enemy over seas before they attack us here at home. if i would like to ask you if you can put the obama doctrine as it relate to libya in simple termings. >> governor huckabee, they have answered this and he made it clear. this particular situation, it is the show how they apply for suggestions and each time it is an example to take with a natural committee and that is the moment that we give our own unlateral attention and that is importance with nume nume qaddafi and u.n. secretary council resolution. >> i got to be honest with you. i don't thinkk that the administration has made it clear yet .
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dr. pain. i wonder if you can help me understand it better? >> governor, i do not understand how you do not understand. i have said it before and i will say it again. we have say all of us, i mean some and it is what we have seen so far. >> i still don't understand . mrs. swift. let me ask you this question. can you call our involvement in libya a war? >> governor, this has been answered by spokesperson carny it is a time limited scope in the military action with the international importance of protect being civilian life from muammar el-qaddafi and not easy for large scale military action and and no ground troops and not a landd invasion and the administration perfed military action. simple . >> simple. you call that simple?
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dr. pain, let me ask you, are we at war? simple yes or no will do. >> governor, with all due respect i don't know how much simpler i can make it. i will say it one more time. it is what we have and seen so far . we have had it >> we really don't seem to be getting any straight worries and we'll have to answer it here. mrs. swift and dr. pain thank you for being here. >> clarity. clarity is one of my favorite word and it describes a sense of certainty and transparency and focus. policies have so many moving parts and there is conflicting interest to the politician in foreign policy it is more challenging because we are dealing with differing lawws and tribes and religions and cultures and some things are lost in translation due to a language barrier.
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the president's main job is to take the complex issues and determine the essence and core and heart and underlining issue and talk about what that is and how we will deal with it. president obama has failed. his administration would rather be muddled up. we are not in a war with lib yampt we are having a military action. he we will not put bootos the ground, but i wouldn't be surprised if we put military issued on terra firm a. there is no transparency or focus . the president is not certain what our mission is. he calls for the olster of qaddafi and said our mission is not to remove him. he said it is humanitarian reasons and he launches bombs and breakks and kills . the cost of the war and time frame and the degree in which
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our supposed partners will stay seated in the vehicle. focused? i can never remember a time when a u.s. president launched military action and didn't speak that evening from the oval office with a sober explanation of what, how, and how much and how long. this action was announced by the secretary of state while the commander-in-chief visited in rio and meticulous attention to basketball brackets. maybe he's lost interest in the job. nex year we can fix that. he might be better suited as a professor and educate and contemplate and never have to reach a conclusion or writing books and perhaps taking a new direction in fiction since much . budget proposals and solutions for stimulating the economy and deficit drowning health care plains are the stuff of fiction.
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or maybe, maybe he would like to take the job in which he is interested. sports analyst for espn. his decisions in this arena are more accurate and based on more thought and if he's wrong, it really doesn't matter because when he's wrong now, it really does matter and on that there is clarity. that's my view and i welcome yours . cume at share your views and while you are at mike get my thouts on clarity. my book is about clarity. a simple government. it is available on ama zon.comwhere ever books are sold and get autographed copies at mike you probably know they don't work for the government anyway and aren't you glampted you know dr. pain and he is really
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derwood fincher and known as mr. double talk and mrs. swift is fran capo. she is the guness book of world records fastest talking female . probably i think she waited on me in a new york deli once. >> my next guest said congress should impeachment barack obama for sending our military it for fighting a civil war in lib yampt congressman paul thanks for joining me. ? you made the statement that the president in his actions in libya would be guilty of an impeachable offense. >> i don't recall saying that because i haven't dwelled on it. but my emphasis is what he is doing is unconstitutional . if people decide to impeach president for doing unconstitutional, we would
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have a job on our hands because what much of what we do is unconstitutionalable. >> before the demonstrations began, i introduced a resolution, it was sent to congress to declare it an act of war, and that the president shouldn't do it unless he gets permission from the congress . of course, that was ignored and he felt duty-bound to get his permission from the u.n. it is annoying and i consider it unconstitutional. i haven't been working on the subject of impeachment. that sort of flies by me, i don't know exactly what you are talking about there. >> there was a number of arcticles that made that statement. we based it on the new's arcticles. >> what i am saying is just what i said now. but sometimes i talk generically like i said. so much of what has happened
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over the many, many decades and the time i have been in politics, technically speaking, the presidents are way too bold and i don't like that . yes, in the sense of oh, this is impeachable offense and therefore we will do it, i mean, we haven't quite arrived there yet. but it is very serious . the unconstitutionality of what he's doing is important and the whole idea that authority comes from the united nations, doesn't even tell the congress . i plan to continue to talk about it. i introduced the rez lusionn before it start i plan to talk about it next week when we go back and emphasize that this is bad foreign policy. we have two wars going on and we are broke and why start another one without consulting for the congress. i think it is pretty bad and we as a congress some do it, and i don't think next week
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anybody is going introduce a resolution to impeach him. >> on the other side. dennis kissin itch is displeased with the president. he is antiwar and brings up the point that is you do. he's not said he would bring up an impeachment arcticle f. he did, would you vote for it? >> well, you know, i wouldn't be able to give you a flat out answer now, but if the evidence showed he was flaunting and you don't, and his explanation are you know, just worthless, you know, he's in his mind doesn't think he violate the constitution. i say he has by going to work. at least bush came and got permission at least authority to go into iraq. so i would listen to what he
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said. i think it is very, very serious no doubt about it. >> congressman paul, thank you for being here from texas. thank you for joining us. >> coming up, we'll remember geraldine ferraro. stay with us. we'll be right back. fy÷@>m9
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>> i stand before you to proclaimm tonight america is a land where dreams can come true for all of us. >> geraldine ferraro, forever changed american politics when she became the first female vice-presidential candidate in 1984 . she is remembered by politicians on both sides of the aisle as a trail blazer and she opened doors for women.
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geraldine ferraro was a guest on our very first show and i visited with her in the hallways and green rooms here in fox. she was a classy ladyy . she had the admirable quality of being trong in her convictions and toward others and partisan was principled and never petty or blind. all of us will genuinely miss her and forever appreciate here . edraulings managed ronald reagan reelection campaign and he had the unenviable task with the ticket that had america's first female vice-president candidate. [applause] >> this was a shock when walter mondale selected geraldine ferraro. what was the original reaction in the reagan camp. >> we were cruising along amondale and he makes a comment about taxs and we thought we have him by the throat and all of the sudden,
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he announces gerald even as a running mate and america came alive and women voters are estatic and she was someone not widely known in the country but in the congress and a beloved figure and historically competent. she was a favorite of tip o'neil and she went on a campaign trail and couragesously carried the banner for her and mondale. >> you ended up managing the successful campaign. but that night when you realized he had changed the game completely. what did you say to president reagan and what is the first conversation you two had. >> the white house called and had a conversation and they said what do we know about her? ? >> she is a thir term member from queens and a favorite of the speaker and the temptation is to find out how much you
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can. we didn't have to. things were going over the transit and a lot of misleading information. but the new york times wanted to go explore who she was. she and her husband lived separate lives and he had run a real estate business and she was a politician and they dug unmercifully in their lives and a lot of rumors and innuendos and they were not basically true. she battled on and became a significant part of the campaign and carried the message effectively. >> you were behind it a lompt >> no, one we were not behind it >> you have to sound more convincing. >> i had leat water as my deputy. >> you guys were not behind that stuff. >> the press were doing a lot of it. what we had to do was filter through the stuff coming over the transit and make sure.
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we looked at everything. i will not be dishonest about that but we chose to basically get back focused on the two of them. they are both, and i create the contrast. the president's campaign was what accomplished in the first four years. >> you and mrs. fer row had conversation? >> i was on her show many times and i was her point counter and we had a friendly relationship . i saw her six or sen months ago in the restaurant and i had a great affection for her. the days when i came up in pol tibs you could sit down with demdeps and republicans and have a drink and never going to agree on things and we loved the process and game and she was a fabulous warrior . i have great for her. >> we will all miss her. a great lady. geraldine ferraro. >> secretary of state hillary
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clinton doing a better job than president obama in addressing libya? coming up our political report card and laterr, hollywood's hottest actor bradly cooper joinns us.
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c>> president obama's lack of clarity has many questioning his leadership skills as commander-in-chief. joining me for the report card is the assistant professor of college and christ inner powers and host of red eye. greg. >> we all love it and before we give him a report card. carrolline. the study that you do. i thought it was fascinating.
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the political coverage given to geraldine ferraro and sarah palin versus male candidates for vice-president was it significant? >> it was, governor. those female candidates got more focus on family and dress and appearance and more overtly focus on talking about their body accuse in ways that were unbecoming as a vice-presidential candidate not a lot charged from geraldine ferraro to sarah palin. it got worse in palin's campaign. tom brokaw. congresswoman size six. no one would have said that of greg gub teleif he was. >> i want to say you look great. >> you look stunning. >> slap him if you want to. >> and if you want to talk about the issues. the president's handling of
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libya it is from my perspective muddled. greg, what do you think? has the president given us a clear indication? >> he was supposed to be one of the greatest communicators of our time and it is a problem with messaging. he has the soul of a telemarketer. i give him a d for deliciouss. git mois still yope drones and bombing libya and military tribunal and consider if you are a lib rawill and you voted for obama, you got four more years of bush don't you think. >> kistern is that a fair assessment? >> on foreign policy depreg is right. liberals have been distracted on the foreign - distressed with obama's foreign policy. in terms of libya. i will give him a d but
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upgrade to a c. i think he has done much worse than on the messages front. i give him credit for doing the unlateral thing going to the u.n. he should have gotten authorization to congress . he said in 2007. unless there is a imminent threat to our country we have to get authorization from congress and there should be a debate and he didn't do that. >> carolyn. joe biden would lead an impeachment to a president who didn't go to the congress? >> i seriously doubt that. >> what has he said. >> he can't get out of this. it is unconstitutional. we are over there, i believe it is a just war and it is a humanitarian war it does not involve american property and
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that means the constitution is only applies. reagan rislated and clinton and squogeorge w. bush and now president obama. >> it is more troubling to the people on the left than the right it is troubling to the people on the right and left. >> greg, if you were writing the president's speech in monday night would there be a sentence we want to remember. is it remember. >> i would say we are killing qaddafi and i would try to make it clear and conicize our job is to get rid of qaddafi. there is nothing worse than qaddafi. i don't think any president ever took the war powers act seriously it is like an after hours bar where you smoke and smoking is not allowed people ignore it >> that say problem. >> i think the president needs to go to congress, but you want to win a war. you don't want to delay it
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makes it less likely you will win. >> kirsten what greg said getting rid of qaddafi. to me it is difficult. on one hand he's got to go and we will not take him out. that is not our goal here? how is that translated in the rebels out there who wonteder what is the mission? >> obama has been clearr on the mission it is it a humanitarian mission under the uniuniresolution there is no authorization for regime change. i don't know under what authority we are going in there and getting rid of qaddafi. i don't understand why greg, you would say that especially after iraq and afghanistan and all of the debacles that we have. the idea of going and trying to have another regime change? it is just, we are broke. this country is broke and now going in and helping, do another regime change? >> where i am coming from.
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this is a bad guy who did a lot of bad thing to america and killed americans. if you have an opportunity to kill him, kill him. i am not talking about a war. what is wrong of getting rid of him. he is a bad man and very same people who say it is a mistake. if it is a massacre would say why didn't we do anything. >> this is the dangerous thing. i can say to you. i assume you loch jimm jong il. you are not suggest. >> you saw those picture was me with him? >> you put people in a bad position of saying, oh, people who opposed iraq war. you loved having saddam hussein in power? >> of course not. >> i am going to call it there. we are oust time. we have had all sorts of horrible leaders out there. chinese president is killing his people and we roll out the red carpet and have a dinner for him. how do we make the criteria? i hope we'll get an
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explanation on. thank you carolyn and crirsten and greg . by the way, our next segment you will want to stay for as a young acting student he idolized robert dienero . he appears on the silver screen with him. bradly cooper, hottest thing bradly cooper, hottest thing in hollywood joins me next. capital one has asked yours truly to talk about the venture card "match my miles" challenge. they're so confident their miles are better, they'll match the miles you've eard on your airline credit card -- up to 100,000 -- on a new venture card. it's unbelievable. believe it. venture card miles are good on any airline, anytime. it's like an upgrade from this... to this. sign up for a venture card at today and get up to 100,000 miles. what's in your wallet? impressive, right?
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[applause] >> he was in wedding crashers and hang over made him one of hollywood's hottest star. he is in new action thriller limitless. >> so what is it called? >> it doesn't have a street name but boys in the kitchen call it nte48. >> boys in the kitchen? that doesn't sound very fda
3:36 am
approved. >> that is the last earring blew it. >> so what do we have here. unknown and untested possible dangerous drug sam scammed out of a drug and begin to me by a highly unreliable drug who i hadn't seen in years. >> the movie is call would limitless. >> please welcome bradly cooper. [applause] >> i think this crowd is going mvp. >> you got your pills. >> i think they are all set on that. talk first. >> can i interrupt. you play the bass? >> i played when i was 15 years old. classical bass. >> it is rock-n-roll.
3:37 am
>> oh,ac. >> you are like serious. >> i nerd out for a second. >> badley cooper this cool guy is in a classsical music and play bass and i play jimmy hen drickings. we would never have figured that one out. i want to talk about a very powerful moment that you had going back to the studio in pace university and james lip ton welcomed you back. you came and he was overwhelmed with emotion. because you were willing to come back as a student who had been there and we'll look at this and then we will react. >> the actor's studio is broud to welcome from a class of 2000, our graduate bradley cooper. [applause]
3:38 am
oh, man, this is going to be tough, jim. hard to believe. >> we are both soldier on. >> i was taken by, all of the people who came to the actor's studio and are launched you came back and said thank you . yet you have a reputation bradley of being an extraordinary guy who lifes his life with sense of awe and wond yer gratitude. what is it that causes you to want to go back and say thank you for what you have done for me? >> i went to the school actually it is it an actor studio which a lot of people came out . they started a master and fine
3:39 am
arts and i was in the audience when people would come back and i was the first graduate to be able to come back. i think lippton. >> he was moved. >> for me it was incredible. i was in the audience when people would come to the school. >> my parents and friends audience . it was way too emotional. >> it was great and i thought it showed a warm side of who you are as a person, and not the actor bradley cooper but person bradley cooper who realized a lot of people shoulders you were able to stand because of contributions to your life. you went to george town to study english. >> that's right. >> that is not the tipecal path way to hollywood. why did you go to george town and what did you think you were going to do with a georgetown degree. it is a great degree but what were you doing with that?
3:40 am
>> i was going to be an actor when i was 12 years old. i don't know when did you know you want to get involved with politics. >> the day after i did it i think. [laughter] >> and now i am pretty sure i don't want. >> it was early on. >> yeah, as a little kid i used to watch the news and think i would like to do that? >> my father would show movies. i remember watching the elephant man. what i am feeling, i want to do that. >> coming up, i will ask of retirement questions. no problem. td ameritrade has all kinds of answers. call us. for quick help opening your new ira. or an in-depth talk with a retirement expert. like me. stop by my branch for a free retirement check-up. retirement hows and how-muches? whens... and what-ifs? bring 'em on. it's free. you're gonna retire.
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and we're gonna help. retirement answers at td ameritrade. where millions of people trust their retirement investments.
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>> back with badley cooper. you put your father in a cameo roll. i want to show this because it is priceless. >> military jurisdiction. >> absolutely not, sir, we were all participating in this operation willingly. >> your dad is one of those. >> yeah. you really gave him a starring role didn't you. >> oh, well. >> but it was an incredible tribute to your dad. >> he did that scene and then joe is a beautiful guy and it is his idea and we sat there one day. that guy in the middle is joe's dad, the director's dad .
3:45 am
my father improvised with jessica beal . he would walk away from the camera and take her for a walk. he really got into it. >> you got to give him credit. if he has a chance to walk around with jessica beal he will take it. >> he will run with it. >> your connection both your father and mother is extraordinary. i mean, you talk about them often. your father passed away a few months ago. >> january 15th. >> you spent a lot of time with him. >> i moved back in with my family in philadelphia this summer. >> was that a special time for you. >> absolutely. >> hey, this is the pinnacle in your career and you got to come back and get right back in it. you took away from what could have been a lucrative part of your career to be with your family. >> i had tremendous support in the business i work with on a
3:46 am
daily basis. they knew how close i am with my family. my father had lung cancer and sick for five years. they were with me even though i didn't take off and hang over two was come i would have to leave for thailand for 10 weeks that. was always looming and the next five months, i will stay in philadelphia. it was wonderful and thank god i did it . you know what, god bless him, he waited for me to come home. you know. >> that is extraordinary. i think it gives an insight in who you are. when you are able to see that possibility where you show the emotion for your father and your mother. i remember seeing that brew that james lipton did. you could see not only their pride of how you turned out but your pride in what they contributed to you. >> it was everything. i am very lucky. i wouldn't be here without them and i was raised well and
3:47 am
now mother lives with me. >> that is probably a good idea. [laughter] >> and what does she still tell you that she told you when you other than 18 years old. >> oh, comb your hair. >> at least you have hair to comb. some of us are jealous on that one. we'll talk about the film limitless. you get a drug and you are kind of a loser. in the original part >> well, yeah. y no, i know. and i mean, yes, one could say he is a loser. i would like to think of him as lost. he is a writer a. no he is a loser, bradley, come on. >> and he the saddest part of him, he came to terms with it and he's rest nothing the fact that he's just idling and the
3:48 am
day we meet him he's about to be broken up with his girlfriend and his landlord's wife told him he is evict he run to the ex-wife's brother. how are you doing. i am working for a pharmesutical cam and there is a drug that is fda approved and helps you pockus . he took itand what would you do if there was a pill to opened up all of your brain and everything you seen and heard and felt and touched since the womb would be at your disposal. interesting. >> most of us use 20 percent was our brain. >> the old adage. >> this drug accelerates. >> full capacity and you have super human type patterns. >> the movie works and it does. you leave the theater and you say it is not that far off from being probable in one or two decades .
3:49 am
>> if ntz is a real deal. we have so many different types of pharmesutical products. >> it would be an artificial intelligence and put a chip in us that acess that. >> artificial intelligence and maybe we could give it to congress and that could work >> interesting. and if there was a real ntwhereand you could take it and thra there were not horrible side affects like there were for the character, what would you hope you could enhance in your life and what would you want to do? >> i think once i am on it i would know what to do, but just sort of in a sort of routine way, i have all of the instrument in my house i don't know how to play . anybody around when i am trying to play them would be happy to learn how. i would learn as many languages as i could and
3:50 am
dialects and you could communicate with everyone. >> and there is a danger of pharmesutical affect if we get too overwhelmed. >> in the movie it comes with power and responsibility . what do you do with that power? and if you are ahead of everyone else. idealy you would use that mental acumen to hopefully cure cancer or something. i learned the instrumentts first. >> bradleyy. , i hope people will go and see the movie and it is called limitless . thank you for coming in with us today. >> thank you. plause plause >> i have heard it everyone on the book tour and you have jammed our show with voice mail and request for the little rockers . so coming up our fox news houseçuúñ
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>> it is a little while since we featured our house band on the show. y promise you have. . our radio producer on the car and audio technician on the guitar and chief religion correspondant lauren green . josh hatch on drums . we are going to play a little song that we hope you will enjoy and that's the way god planned it. ♪
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troubled. ♪ but morning. ♪ and god's love is for all . he will give us perfect peace. ♪ let not your heart be troubled. ♪ be humble yourself before the lord. ♪ govgod gives you grace and mercy. note and it will all be restored. ♪ that's the way god planned. ♪ that's the way god wants it to be. ♪ be, be ♪ . ♪ that's the way. god planned it. ♪ that's the way god wants it to be. ♪ be, be, be. ♪ ♪ can you help me now. ♪ that's the way god planned it. ♪ that's the way god wants it to be. ♪ be, be be ... ♪ that's the way god planned
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it. ♪ that's the way god wants it to be. ♪ oh, yeah. [applause]
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